It's that time of year again


published 2023-05-01 20:33

updated 2023-05-05 12:18

For those that don't know, this is God Mode May, something my friends and I do yearly, trying to find a routine and become the people we want to be. Challenge ourselves to be disciplined and "ascend to Godhood". Last year we did it in March instead.

This time, it's public!

The List

  • Move to Canada
  • No alcohol
  • No Porn
  • No take out
  • Write something x3 / week (journal doesn't count)
  • Read Spell of the Sensuous
  • Cook something new x4
  • Exercise x5 / week
  • Jeffin' x5 / week
  • Stretch every other day
  • Meditate (20m+) every other day
  • Do something for job apps x5 / week
  • Call parents x2 / week
  • Reach out to new or old friend x4
  • Write 10 ideas every day