Trying out Accessibility Tech


published 2023-06-22 23:08

updated 2023-09-22 16:13


I'm writing this with talon. since I hurt my finger typing has been hard, and I type a lot. originally I was looking for one handed keyboard, but S-ol recommended I look into cursorless. I had to configure my headphones connect the microphone.

I've always been interested in dictation, I even dream of sub vocal input devices. When I was younger, I was very interested in straight up voice recording, but I never found a work flow suitable for notes taken with voice. now the technology has gone quite a it better as you can see from my writing this. for the most part I don't even need to use the keyboard. it's given me greater appreciation for accessibility tech. that sill bet rough around the edges though, I would like the ability to define custom words, but I'm not sure how to do that yet. having control of my computer through my voice is very cool. and because I write in vim, I even get reasonable control over my text editor using just my voice.

for some reason I'd always thought of accessibility technology from visibility perspective. learning about other kinds of accessibility tech is really cool. I'm quite keen to try out cursorless, I could be convinced that it is faster then typing, something I never thought I'd believe. this reminds me about how we are only ever fully-able temporarily. disability comes for us all inevitably. it's part of why I believe accessibility is so important, eventually I'm going to meet to use it too. my experience with RSI I had taught me as much, but here I am learning the lesson again.

there's still a lot of configuration I have to do but I do believe there's a lot of potential here. for certain use cases I can see this overtaking regular workflows. I wonder if I can be capitalization working for new sentences. or even capitalization in general, lots of him commands depend on it.

unfortunately the talent community is all on slack. I still need to configure my matrix bridge for that service. this gives me good incentive to do that. : is also not source distributable, which makes it hard to use with nix. despite the existence of talon nix, it isn't actually reproducible.

perhaps in the future I'll rite a little more on my configuration for talon. I also want to try nerd dictation, which uses vosk.


  • keyboard command to start talon, and put headphones in HFP profile
  • see if I can control firefox
  • see if I can control bspwm
  • look for capitalization controls
  • look into vim controls