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published 2023-08-28 22:28

updated 2023-08-28 22:34

I've been reading more about note taking again. I want another tool for Kitaab. Some kind of spatial layout for my "notes". "Blocks"? Because it's more than just plain text notes. I want the entire taxonomy from my notes, bookmarks and articles. I could write a tool that would ingest various sources into plaintext to make it easier for me to link "across" these silos. I'd like for it to have "lenses" which are compose-able filters on tags. I try to use the same taxonomy across these apps, but I'm not really sure how good I am at that. It needs to show links between various notes as well. It's somewhat similar to Yaad. Speaking of note taking, part of what I decided is that every note should be linked to at least one other note. That is asides from tags. I think that'll help with traversing, which is something Kitaab hasn't been helping me with lately.