Composable tag viewer

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published 2023-09-25 00:36

updated 2023-09-25 00:42

Since I've slowly been rewriting my python tools into fennel (with the hope of one day integrating it into nvim itself!), I've found another tool that I need, and this one I'm not sure I'm yet skilled enough to build in nvim / fennel? I think I'd be able to use a web stack, so maybe I should try that?

Anyways, I want a tool that will list all my notes by recency, but allowing me to include and exclude certain tags. Being able to do thin interactively would be a huge boon to me. Something like Task-Add or even Taskwarrior-TUI. I really ought to learn how to build terminal applications through using terminal codes, or first principles. I think that would help a lot.