A Single DB of all my Data Sources

dev idea

published 2023-11-13 17:24

updated 2023-11-13 20:57

Lots of my ideas revolve around centralizing and building a central UI to access all my data sources.

Composable tag viewer for example depends on this. I've there's heaps of tasks related to importing Wallabag and Shaarli stuff into Kitaab so I can better link against them and stuff like that. Dhyan already has to implement various API calls to do what it does.

Yesterday I had the smart idea to build an application that just syncs all that data into a single database, upon which I can build on top of them consistently and easily. Perhaps even from within Vim.

For this to work I need a consistent data format between all these different data sources. This data sources include (but perhaps not limited to? How do we build this in a way that is easily extendible to further data sources?)

  • Wallabag (+ Annotations / stars)
  • Shaarli
  • RSS Stars
  • Tasks
  • Notes in Kitaab
  • Calendar events?
  • Habits? (<- This is really hard to automate)