Front-Load Everything

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published 2023-10-01 19:35

updated 2023-10-01 19:49

I freaking love front loading. I love being able to expend extra energy now when I have to, to make my life easier later, when I'll be wanting to do different things. I would front load sooo many things, if it were possible.

I think I tend to love this so much because it helps with my ADHD. I often can't control when I'll be in the mood to do something. And when I'm not in the mood to do something, it takes multiple orders of magnitude more energy to do the thing. If it even gets done. Front loading obviates this problem. Do the thing when I'm enjoying it and then never worry about having to do it when I don't want to.

Another reason is that I'm notoriously incapable in the mornings. My brain doesn't really finish booting up until 10 am, regardless of what time I actually wake up. I want to do nothing during this time, and really easy into the day. It makes my days better, and makes me happier. Breakfast makes this difficult. I tried cereal, but it wasn't really satisfying. I tried skipping breakfast, and only having a black coffee, but making this work means consistently never eating breakfast, and breakfast food is my favorite kind of food and sometimes I want it in the morning, so 🤷🏽. My solution now is to make 5 days worth of Overnight Oats, which leaves me with enough days of cooking breakfast for variety, and enough not need to worry about it for all the other days.

I even shower at night so that I don't have to do it in the mornings. I don't really like showers to be honest. It would be weird to call that front loading, since it happens at the end of my day, but I think it embodies the grounding principle at play here: Do things when you want to, so you're not fighting executive function all the time.

I love having overnight oats ready to go, because it means on days I go climbing I'm ready to leave for the cragg almost as soon as I wake up (Coffee is still part of the morning ritual)