Measures of Success


published 2023-12-08 11:50

updated 2023-12-08 13:27

Having realized that I placed so much emphasis on what "success" looks like to me on individually unachievable actions (such as bringing down oppressive structures that reign king of the status quo), or finding a job which aligns with my values and produces collective value, rather than exasperates already abhorrent levels of inequality, I decided instead to make a cosy list of achievable goals which would also be markers of success for my own life.

  • I get to climb regularly
  • Imoh is happy
  • I get to go out into nature every so often
  • I champion my Beliefs through my actions & words
  • I get to live on a sailboat (for a while)
  • I am a good partner, friend, son, pet keeper
  • I have a group of peers I know I can rely on
    • I can provide assistance for those who request it of me
  • I remain kind, generous and curious
  • My house is filled with plants that are thriving
  • I have a lil garden from which lil herbs or other foods grow
    • I produce enough to gift to my friends, neighbors
  • I can cook delicious meals for myself and my friends
  • I get ample rest
  • I get lots of time to play, which is to say chase my curiosity
  • Having a connection with the land I live on
  • I feel like a valued member of my community