published 2022-08-17 10:59

updated 2024-03-16 23:54

  • There are no ends, only means

Presented without comment, in no particular order:

  • We must accept the shadows in order to live in the light
  • specialization is for insects
  • everybody deserves to have their basic needs met: food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare, electricity, internet
  • nobody is ░▒▝▕▚▞▝, especially on stolen land
  • trans rights!
  • consciousness is intrinsic to mass; there is something it is like to be an electron
  • suffering is inevitable, unnecessary suffering should be minimized
  • all humans seek to be understood, first and foremost
  • everybody can teach you something
  • do no harm, take no shit
  • sometimes, violence is necessary
  • there are no non radical futures, either we change the structure of society, or the climate does it for us
  • nobody is coming to save us
  • we can't save everybody, but we must try
  • capitalism is violent
  • billionaires are a symptom of the failure of neoliberalism, not a goal to aspire to
  • art is intrinsically valuable
  • private property was a mistake, the earth belongs to everyone (humans, and non-humans alike)
  • landlords are parasites, housing is a human right
  • some things are worth doing badly
  • intellectual property is a sham
  • food growth creates population growth, not the other way around
  • 12000+ years is a much more accurate time line of human civilization
  • fuck lawns, fuck cars, cities should be designed around people instead of vehicles
  • no role models
  • there is no such thing as an unbiased perspective
  • the police cannot be reformed
  • we are what we do, not what we say
  • truths” are beliefs that are useful for humans in achieving their desired ends
  • in the real world there is no such thing as a straight line
  • Everything in moderation, including moderation