Myth Making and Memes

myth blog phil

published 2024-02-29 22:53

updated 2024-03-01 00:02

Alright, so you're on board. You believe in the magical power of Myths, and you look around and everything really is on fire, sometimes fucking literally. Now you're looking at me like "So... uh, what're We gonna do about it?".

Well before we get into any actions you should take, I think the most important, first step that you must take, is to uns▞▐▐▜le yourself from the myths that do not serve you. Stop believing that it's inevitable, Nihilism is an awful myth. You have to believe we can stop climate change if we're going to. The actions you take as an individual DO matter, even though individual action is by itself, is insufficient to mitigate the entire problem. Whatever you think the problem is, it's not impossible to stop, and it is not bound to happen. This was just one example, but try and examine and find all the myths you've taken on, and see whether they align with the world you want to see. (This is easier said than done)

Uns▞▐▐▜ling is a long and hard process. You don't just choose to forget something like a myth, in fact I'm not sure you can. Myths are too powerful to just be abandoned. They must be replaced. But you don't have to forge new myths, ultimately it's just something you'll do, as a human, automatically, like swallowing. It doesn't have to be unconscious either. You can actively build them. You'll find them everywhere once you know to look. So seek new myths. Tell new stories.

The internet has gotten really good at this. Myths travel really quickly these days. You might know them as Memes. Of course, not every meme is a myth (only the good ones 😉), but all collections of memes reflect myths. I mean meme how it's connotatively understood here; the funny images you look at on your phone. The collection of memes you look at, or your decision to not enjoy and look at memes, is itself part of and shaped by the story you tell yourself.

So change the world by finding new memes? Really? I'm not joking. It's what I'm doing right now.