phil myth

published 2023-11-14 00:12

updated 2024-02-29 23:43


Myths are the building block of civilization. It's what separates us, as far as we know, from all Life's other creations.

Let me restate that: Our primary skill as human beings is our ability to make myths. I don't mean that in the sense of making up bullshit (which is a really shallow interpretation of what a myth is: some stuff that didn't happen a long time ago). Myths are narratives, and narratives are the building block of meaning. It's something We do instinctively. You, me, everyone; in a certain very fundamental sense, you are the story you tell about yourself. Your personal mythology shapes everything you do and are. It's a cornerstone to how you see the world perceive reality, and your place in it.

There are also cultural myths that shape our times. These can range from so fundamental that nobody even thinks to question them and they go unnoticed, to why we engage in politics or philosophy. They are the building blocks of civilization.