sealight writing 1970-01-01 00:00

a small club for my friends? start with just a matrix server and see if i can run one for just my friends, expand from there as necrssaey/desired


its a scuttlebutt pub? or start with that.

27/04 - thinking if calling it "the others" in a find the others way

Thinking about situations for when people ask me about instagram/fb/how to contact them generally, and what I can do about it. I was thinking the best way is to start a community of people that i can invite if I think they're cool. The barrier to entry is actually a good thing? But this is not exclusively the context I have been thinking about this in. I also would like to start some kind of node/hub thing like fox has got going on with but i'm not sure what i'm after and I don't think I want to just give out open invites.

I'm thinking about whether I would want my irl friends to join it or online friends and how to shape the community such that everyone feels welcome. If it were to be with IRL folk, I would create a card on which is printed either a unique (probably expensive but "more secure" -- should that matter?) or just a link to sign up with my community. The trouble with these is always getting it off the ground. And of course the scale I'm looking for. i wouldn't want to hand out over 100 invites at least to start with -- but I'd need it to all be federated which isn't too difficult all the software already exists

speaking of software I'm questioning what services to run. What kind of community am I targeting here? How should I react to the people joining? I think I'd want to have a chat server and some kind of voice communication channel, i think that is important. at the very least and probably git too. i'd need pixelfed for insta-normies, but i'm wondering whether to do pleroma/mastodon. It could really strengthen the community given that we don't have much tying us together to talk about in one chat room. chat rooms need to be focused, toots don't. maybe I should skip out on a chat server? maybe make it exclusive? even can't get it's matrix room to take off. on a technical level I'd have to figure out how to make all the sign ups happen through 1 signup, or some sort of form? this is already turniing into a very large project...

Also thinking about what to call it. I have many ideas relating to a garden? I'm picturing a quiet cove or hidden bushland deep in a forest. A magical spot that we work together to build and create and own and share with others we trust. a faerie circle.

thats it. i figured out what i'm trying to do here. I'm trying to get 80 people together to form a cohort so we can split into smaller groups and find the others. everybody should get 3 invites, and i will start by inviting 20 people. now i need to think hard about which 20 people to start with, how to get a diverse crew and write a story to convince people to join, and somehow figure all the rest out.